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Quip Motion Graphics Portfolio

Custom, engaging PR, marketing, and training video content.  Includes brainstorming, script assistance, graphic design, animation, video production, and voiceover.

See programming and design examples below.

Recent Work, Showcasing Varied Client “Voice” and Look-and-Feel

  • StealthPath Promo #1 (services overview)
    Script provided by client, with edits by myself. I provided the storyboard, animation, soundscape, and voiceover.
  • AASK “How It Works” (services overview)
    All original illustrations (aside from logo); script provided by client. I provided the storyboard, animation, and voiceover.
  • Joe Crafton Sportsman Complex Exhibit (kiosk installation)
    Scene overview provided by client. I provided all illustrations, storyboards, animation, and sound effects.
  • Rodeo Results (product demo)
    Stock photography; script provided by client. Some graphic design, based on existing branding; my focus was storyboarding, animation, and voiceover.
  • Genotox “ToxProtect™ Revolution” (services overview)
    Stock photography, script provided by client. My involvement was storyboarding, animation, and voiceover.
  • Iggbo Oncology Workflow (marketing)
    Here, I provided all illustrations and most graphic design (aside from logo), based on existing branding. Also, I contributed to the script and did the storyboarding, animation, and voiceover.
  • Iggbo In-phone Lab Training (instructional)
    Again, illustrations and graphic design (aside from logo). With this one, I designed the script template for the 30 training videos in this series, and provided the camera work and lighting, storyboarding, animation, and voiceover.
  • The Next Move Program (funding pitch)
    Provided all illustrations and graphic design (aside from logo), this time without existing branding. Contributed to the script and provided storyboards, animation, and voiceover.

Quip Programming Portfolio

Custom programming in ActionScript and JavaScript. Includes Rich Internet Applications, productivity tools for the Adobe Creative Suite, and game development.

See motion graphics examples above and design examples below.

Custom Programming, Rich Internet Applications, & Productivity Tools

Game Development

Quip Design Portfolio

Presentations, marketing, multimedia and print advertising, websites, online presence, logo design, and corporate identity.

See motion graphics and programming examples above.

Presentations & Marketing

Websites & Online Presence

Logo Design & Corporate Identity