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Transforming Tech

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Voice talent and Adobe Flash, including animation, ActionScript, and audio editing

Transforming Tech


Transforming Technologies was working out the prototype for a biometric device known under the working title “BPID.” They wanted to present their proof of concept to AOL in hopes of garnering a distribution partnership. I worked out a “day in the life” scenario and storyboarded the concept with AOL’s mascot as the main character. Transforming Technologies liked what I showed them and told me to have at it. Eighty hours later, we had a 6 minute cartoon that helped pull in $500,000 in grant money. I used ActionScript to reduce the efforts of my scene organization.

Transforming Tech

The “AOL guy” wakes up to the alarm clock built into his BPID. From there, he proceeds in rapid order to use the BPID for nearly all of this daily activities. The BPID controls household appliances, organizes his finances, allows him to check email via his TV, and so on.

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