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Landmark Learning “Fundamentals of Media”

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Adobe Flash, including ActionScript

Landmark Learning


Mike Lambert, then Media Specialist at The Virginian Pilot, wanted to enrich his esteemed Fundamentals of Media course with a good dose of technology.  He had dozens of audios clips and several video clips on hand, as well as illustrative artwork by Pilot staff.  What he needed was a way to combine these elements in a dynamic way, so that his narration could trigger transitions without a lot of tedious manual programming.  The answer was a custom SoundSynch class, which allowed his team to assign cue points to exteral MP3 files and have those do the grunt work.

I built this class in conjunction with a related tutorial article for’s Developer Center, along with the class file itself.  Since then, I’ve corresponded with several developers who have used it in projects of their own.

Landmark Learning Landmark Learning